Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment of your prospective employees is done with scientifically validated and reliable occupational tests. Our assessments are used by Fortune 500 Companies and give very reliable outcomes.

We assess staff and management potential in a range of areas to determine their suitability for existing and future roles. Our assessments are also competency based, so we will provide you with development strategies (as well as the behaviours and skills) necessary to bridge skills gaps.

Our primary focus is to contribute to the productivity and profitability of client organisations, whilst enabling the individuals within them to develop both professionally and personally. The British Psychological Society has given our primary assessment an excellent Four and Five Star rating.

Siddons & Associates’ assessments may be completed on-line, via a laptop or by a face to face interview with a psychologist at our offices. We can also train you, our clients, to use our psychological assessments with the objective of reducing your administration costs.

Benefits of Psychological Assessment Services for the Employee

For the employee, the benefits of psychological assessment include:

  • Demonstrating to employees that the organisation is committed to their professional development
  • Reaffirming current employees’ strengths and providing them with the behaviours and skills necessary to bridge skills gaps
  • Improve employee morale
  • Enhanced insight and motivation by exploring where they are most likely to succeed

Benefits of Psychological Assessment Services for the Employer

For the employer, the benefits of psychological assessment include:

  • To retain and develop valuable employees
  • Reduction in the investment in recruitment and selection of key staff
  • To ensure that potential staff match the organisation’s corporate culture and competency requirements
  • Enhanced morale, therefore, reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • An objective and rigorous process that improves the alignment of individual’s competencies with the business needs