Career Transition Services

Assisting individuals with support, direction and focus after being affected by organisational change is central to Siddons & Associates’ approach.

We also recognise the challenge organisations face when navigating organisational change and that it can be difficult to attain a win-win solution for all concerned, so it is important that individuals being made redundant are supported at every stage of the career transition process.

This process ranges from providing counselling and support, when they are first notified that they are being made redundant, to managing the job search process and objectively assessing the right job offer for each individual’s needs.

We are a team of organisational psychologists with the commercial experience and training to better understand the challenges that job seekers face. We will direct them towards their employment goals with a sense of calmness and realism.

We will also ensure that those employees who remain continue to be productive and committed to your organisation’s operational and strategic objectives. To this end, we will help you plan an effective human resource strategy and ensure that we manage your process from start to finish.

We will customise our services around the following steps:

  • Emotional problem-solving (optional) so that negative emotions do not block objective decision-making
  • Assessment and focus on a strategic job goal
  • Improving the employees’ employability for current and future roles
  • Assisting individuals to plan and develop their new career