Client Testimonials

What aspects of the program did you find most valuable?

  1. Learning new management tools, such as the  SCARF model.
  2. Jon’s experience and insight into managing ‘difficult’ colleagues.
  3. The informal sessions, made it feel less like a ‘class’ and more of a  discussion.
  4. The EQ-I Test helped to cement some of the traits that can be improved on.

A positive experience, and it was a pleasure to learn from Jon. I rate his Leadership Program 5 out of 5.


I’ll read your “food for thought” article but you’ll be pleased to know that since our meeting we’ve had no problems at all. Things are on the up so to speak. Thank you once again for your help. I’ve always found your intervention positive and helpful over the years.


Any knowledge learnt in my opinion is knowledge well learnt as you can never stop learning. Thanks Jon for your advice and knowledge. Your assistance has certainly helped assist me in landing a role. The resume preparation was particularly valuable.

The program provided me with good advice and guidance, an opportunity to talk through issues, information about concepts I was not aware, plenty of additional reading of and plenty of positive reinforcement which is helpful in the confidence-eroding job hunting process.


I found the program, the consultant and the assessments excellent. I found these specific services also very useful:

  • Tips and questions to ask in work situations
  • Questionnaire – i.e. EQI assessment
  • The relaxation and stress management skills and exercise
  • The relaxation track to listen to.


“The career transition process has been very good. No pressure applied to making it a smooth transition from my (company withheld) era!”


“I feel I have received practical and useful strategies for dealing with workplace problems that are specifically targeted to my needs. I responded well to the supportive environment created for all sessions and was able to relate to Jon in a very direct and honest fashion. This would not have happened without the level of trust through report achieved. Thanks Jon”


“Talking to a professional with knowledge and experience in the field. The services are invaluable to HVP staff in times of crisis. It can make the difference between a staff member being either a functional and contributing person or a gibbering wreck.”


Jon was excellent to work with. He is a great active-listener and is good at getting people to re-build confidence and re-channel focus towards attaining their next job. His ability to assist in polishing my resume was second-to-none, which improved response rate for applications made. He had good follow-up, and was very flexible in arranging meetings


This has been a turning point in my professional journey. I have renewed clarity of my role and my contribution to wider society.

You very much assisted me on the following areas:

  • The time and space to pay attention to what I was thinking, and then to review this analytically.
  • The affirmations which emerge about my self and my skills
  • The action-based responses to the positive insights.

Church Minister

I have never been through a program like this. The lesson learnt here has provided me with a wealth of information and will go well with the advancement of my career. A big thanks to the Program Consultant for his patience, understanding and the resolve to enable a positive outcome from this problem. It is an outcome that is good and something that I did not even expect or could possibly imagine.

CN, IT Programmer

As a result of (participating in) the program and the invaluable tips, has indeed proved itself very successful. I could not be more pleased. In fact this program should be offered earlier to employees, when it becomes apparent that a redundancy will be occurring. Forward preparation is a good thing.

AB, Manager

Please accept my grateful thanks for your support over the last few months. You filled a role no-one else could – impartial observer and confidante.  Without your coaching and support, I probably would not have got past the grief stage. You are an excellent psychologist as well as a career coach.

JI, TAFE Manager

I always feel that I have not achieved enough, and would like to have done much more.  Perhaps I can give myself a pat on the back for some of the things I have achieved now. Thanks so much Jon for all your support, letting me into some of the issues you have faced, which has helped to clarify things for me. I was pretty angry with (name withheld) when I arrived, and now I feel as if I can ‘cope’ with his behaviour appropriately.

I also did not want my record at (organisation withheld), or in education for that matter, to be tarnished at the end of my career, and I now realise that one person cannot cause that. Finally, I enjoyed the chats we had about other things, but which were always brought back to the issues at hand. DS, Education Manager

Thank you for your guidance over the last few months. You particularly assisted me with in the following areas:

  • Revising the resume to include more details and changing the forma
  • Information on how to network
  • Various letter formats

DH, Financial Controller

I enjoyed the program John and thanks for your honesty and empathy over our time together.”

LB, Coordinator