About Us

At Siddons & Associates, we believe you have to reaffirm a person’s strengths, counsel them to work on their development needs and inspire individuals to focus on their underlying passions so that they can reach their full potential.

Coping skills in the current crisis.
– an MMA Journal article written by Jon Siddons.

Siddons & Associates specialise in creating custom-designed Leadership Development, Talent Management, Career Coaching, Psychological Assessment, Employee Assistance Programs and Career Transition programs.

We do this by providing development solutions, delivered by highly trained and experienced organisational psychologists and supported by internationally recognised publishers of assessments.

Siddons and Associates are specialists in psychological assessment and one of the few organisations that are truly independent offering unbiased advice on assessment selection (we do not hold licenses on any of the assessments that we recommend). It should be noted that many of our assessments are extensively used by Fortune 500 companies in the USA and blue-chip organisations in Australia and the UK.

We use state of the art interactive individual-driven, development strategies that when combined with our coaching and behavioral science experience provide step by step plans that specifically address the unique development needs of each individual. This enables participants to be more motivated and enthusiastic about their career goals as they have their own customised and focused development plan.