Our Services

Leadership development assists organisations to develop and retain leaders at all levels by coaching them to inspire, motivate and engage their team towards strategic and operational objectives. We strengthen these leadership behaviours by:

  • Assessment of needs and the setting of goals
  • Comprehensive analysis to develop leadership competencies the organisation needs
  • Development strategies to bridge skills gaps
  • Tracking changes in skills development

Career coaching is important where there is a desire to develop and mentor employees who may not be in their ideal job role. This outcome focused career coaching program assists individuals:

  • Improved understanding of skills, developmental requirements and behaviours needed to meet the organisation’s requirements
  • Enhanced insight and satisfaction by exploring where they are most likely to succeed
  • Greater responsibility for career planning, which results in individuals wanting to look for roles internally, or even externally
  • The writing of a focused career plan

Career transition services are needed to assist employees who involuntarily depart an organisation to make a smooth transition to a role that complements their interests, competencies and values. We will provide the following services:

  • Assessment and focus on a strategic job goal
  • Improve employees employability for current and future goals
  • Assist individuals to plan and develop their new career

Psychological assessment of your prospective employees is done with highly validated and reliable occupational tests. Our assessments are used by Fortune 500 Companies and give very reliable outcomes.

Employee Assistance Programs provide your employees with individual counselling by registered psychologists and can help with work-related as well as personal psychological issues.

Workplace Investigations & Coaching Siddons & Associates offers a multi-pronged and sophisticated approach to dealing with bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. As organisational psychologists we can draw from our first-hand experience of career coaching, career management and workplace counselling experience over the last 25 years to gain rapport, apply positive mindset principles and assist employees accept that change needs to happen.