Career Coaching

Our objective is to enable individuals to gain not just an understanding of their core skills, but also the development needs necessary for them to meet the organisation’s requirements. We use highly validated and reliable assessments that consistently have received Four and Five Star ratings and provide individuals with support, structure and focus.

Our comprehensive career coaching approach allows individuals to explore their competencies, work achievements and values with the aim of identifying work roles that best match their career aspirations.

Benefits of Career Coaching Services for the Employee

For the employee, the benefits of professional career coaching include:

  • Improved understanding of skills, developmental requirements and behaviours needed to meet organisational requirements
  • Enhanced insight and motivation by exploring where they are most likely to succeed
  • Greater responsibility for career planning, which results in wanting to explore roles internally
  • Enhanced awareness of how they are perceived by others
  • The writing of a focused career plan

Benefits of Career Coaching Services for the Employer

For the employer, the benefits of professional career coaching include:

  • Assessment and development of key competencies that are consistent with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Reduced stress and increased productivity through participants learning new skills
  • Enhanced morale, reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • An objective and rigorous process that improves the alignment of the individual’s competencies with the business needs