Workplace Investigations & Coaching

Siddons & Associates offers a multi-pronged and sophisticated approach to dealing with bullying, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. As organisational psychologists we can draw from our first-hand experience of career coaching, career management and workplace counselling experience over the last 25 years to gain rapport, apply positive mindset principles and assist employees accept that change needs to happen. We will identify, prevent and eliminate inappropriate workplace conduct in its early stages, before the consequences are potentially damaging.

Siddons & Associates provides ongoing training and analysis to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with workplace health and safety standards at a staff, management and institutional level. We assist organisations to understand their responsibilities and develop effective strategies for prevention and staff education.

Siddons & Associates also provide conflict resolution coaching for individuals who require a confidential approach and safe place in which to develop strategies for dealing with bullying, discrimination and harassment. We are commonly asked to work with individuals accused of bullying, harassment or discrimination in order to assist them to develop insight into the impact of their behavior. We utilize highly validated and reliable occupational assessments like the OPQ32 to objectify the process. We apply our problem-solving methodologies to ensure that behavior change is long-term and specifically tailored to the individual’s personality and competency set.