Leadership Development & Talent Management

Siddons & Associates will help your organisation to develop and retain leaders at all levels by showing them how to inspire, motivate and engage their staff towards strategic and operational objectives.

We understand that the cost of losing valued employees can be a major organisational expenditure. A number of research studies have estimated that cost to be between one and two year’s packaged salary.

We focus on building custom-designed 360 degree assessments to gain a holistic view of the organisation. We use state of the art interactive individual-driven, development strategies that when combined with our coaching and behavioral science experience provide step by step plans that specifically address the unique development needs of each individual.

This also reduces our involvement, thereby saving you money as the participant is encouraged to take responsibility for his/her career. Individual Leadership Coaching participants can then be provided with sensitive feedback to develop the leadership competencies the organisation needs.

Different types of development advice are available through Siddons & Associates’ development tools, including: behavioural tips, coaching guidelines, project assignments, workshop group activities as well as a detailed mission statement on how to make the most of strengths. We identify ‘what’ an individual needs to do as well as showing them ‘how’ to develop the skills the organisation requires.

We provide customised solutions and work at all levels within an organisation to achieve the following:

  • Assessment of needs and the setting of goals
  • Comprehensive analysis to develop the leadership competencies the organisation needs
  • Development strategies to bridge skills gaps
  • Tracking changes in skills development